The game Coraabia (hereinafter referred to as "Coraabia") is an online game accessible through web browsers on the internet domain http://coraabia.com to its registered users.

    Coraabia is operated by the company ARK8 s.r.o., Company ID No.: 24120316, with registered office in Korunovační 904/7, Prague 7, 170 00, Czech Republic, entered into the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File No. 180358 (hereinafter referred to as "ARK8").

    By registering into Coraabia, users agree with these terms and conditions and are bound to uphold them.

    ARK8 reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. Current registered users will be informed about any such change.


    The users can register into Coraabia for free. Registration requires choosing a user nickname, setting a password and providing a functioning email address.

    Underaged users may register into Coraabia only with consent of their legal guardians.

    All user information mentioned above and statistical and geographical information that is gathered through the web browser will not be shared with any third party, unless in cases directly related to operating the game Coraabia.

    All payments are processed by corresponding business partners. Therefore, information such as user's credit card number is not stored by ARK8.

    ARK8 reserves the right to alter, suspend or cancel user accounts on its own discretion, especially on the grounds of violating these terms and conditions and because of long-term inactivity of accounts.


    Copyright to Coraabia and all its content including the user accounts belong solely to ARK8.

    The exception being the artworks, all rights to which belong to their respective authors, who gave their consent to using their work in Coraabia.

    It is prohibited to enrich oneself through Coraabia in any way without the consent of ARK8.


    ARK8 does not guarantee that Coraabia will be constantly accessible.

    ARK8 reserves the right to change every aspect of Coraabia and its mechanisms on its own discretion.

    ARK8 does not guarantee that game mechanisms of Coraabia will always work as described (i.e. ARK8 does not preclude the existence of so-called "bugs").

    Coraabia is operated "as is" and ARK8 is not liable for any potential damage caused while using it.


    Registered users of Coraabia can buy the in-game currency Xot (hereinafter referred to as "Xot") in exchange for real money. Xot allows easier access to game content.

    When a payment for any offer of the premium currency Xot is received from a registered user, the corresponding amount of premium currency Xot is credited to his/her user account.

    If the corresponding amount of premium currency Xot is not credited in 24 hours since the acceptance of payment, the user has a right to demand a full refund of the payment. Users cannot demand a refund in any other case.

    The account of a user that initiates a chargeback will be automatically blocked and will be unblocked only if the chargeback is proven legitimate.

    Any purchased but unused Xot expires 1 year after its purchase. When a user purchases any game content for Xot, the oldest purchased Xot is spent first.

    Prices and types of individual offers of Xot are set by ARK8. ARK8 reserves the right to change or cancel offers of Xot on its own discretion.

    Prices and types of individual offers of game content purchasable for Xot are set by ARK8. ARK8 reserves the right to change or cancel offers of game content on its own discretion.

    Registered users are bound to uphold the conditions of individual providers of payment services.


    Registered users can communicate with each other in Coraabia but they are fully responsible for their behavior and their chosen nickname and they must follow all existing legislation.

    It is especially prohibited to:

    • Insult or threaten other registered users,
    • Express oneself in vulgar, racist, or aggressive way or in any way promote such behavior,
    • To assume the identity of developers of Coraabia,
    • Use tools and instruments allowing to modify game content (so-called cheating) or to cause excessive server load,
    • Willingly abuse errors in game mechanisms to one's benefit,
    • Influence accounts of other registered users in a non-standard fashion,
    • Abuse multiple user accounts to benefit of another user account.

In Prague on 6th of August 2014

ARK8 s.r.o.