Coraabia in a nutshell:

Both players send a character from top of their decks to face each other in a duel.

One player chooses which of the four numbers will be compared in the duel.

The player whose character has the compared number higher is currently WINNING the duel.

It is always the LOSING player who is playing and has a chance to react - activate his/her character's ability, play a trick card from hand or send a reserve character from hand to duel.

The losing player can also PASS to concede the duel in opponent's favor.

The winner of the duel receives the POINTS showed on his/her character and a new duel starts.

This cycle goes on until one of the players runs out of characters in the deck.

Then the game ends and the player with higher SCORE wins the game!

  1. You
  2. Opponent
  3. Deck Influence (grows with your level and decides how many cards you can put in the deck)
  4. Your level
  5. Number of champions (reserve characters) in your hand
  6. Number of tricks in your hand
  7. Your Score
  8. Auxiliary Score (affected by advanced connections)
  9. Opponent's Score
  10. Number of remaining characters in your deck (according to their factions)
  11. Number of remaining tricks in your deck
  12. Number of remaining cards (tricks + characters) in your deck
  13. Your connections - permanent perks that influence the game
  14. Your dueling character
  15. Compared parameter - the higher number wins, that's the basic principle of the game!
  16. Coloring is a simple indicator of parameter's strength (black is weak, gold is strong)
  17. Character's points - these are added to your Score if your character wins its duel
  18. Status bar - shows effects that influence your character
  19. Passive ability - trigger automatically
  20. Activated ability - click to activate it, you can only click one per character
  21. Ability target - the arrow points to your opponent so he/she is the target of this ability
  22. Rarity - determines how much Influence the card takes up in your deck
  23. Champion in your hand - click to send it to duel
  24. Trick in your hand - click to trigger its effect
  25. "PASS" button - click to concede the duel in opponent's favor
  26. Time limit for current action
  27. "SURRENDER" button - click to concede the game in opponent's favor
  28. HELP - you can access it at any time!

Detailed description of the structure of duels

Abilities in Coraabia

Deckbuilding diagram