Coraabia is a dynamic online trading card game with RPG elements, which takes place in a multiverse of the same name. Coraabians fight for power in dramatic duels and try to influence the course of history that is unwinding in real time.


Easy and catchy gameplay allows to choose from countless different strategies. Its basic principle is comparing one of the four numeric parameters of dueling characters. The goal is to have a higher score than your opponent whenever one player runs out of characters in the deck. While new players will appreciate Coraabia's accessibility, advanced players will soon find out that various character abilities offer boundless tactical and deckbuilding opportunities. Every Coraabian can freely test the limits of his skills against bots (PvE), other Coraabians (PvP) or in a fully competitive league play (Khopt League and ELO ranking).


Coraabians have at their disposal 500 unique collectible cards divided into five archetypal factions. The most numerous faction in the deck defines player's current faction allegiance, which allows Coraabians to play individual faction careers. Guardians are self-styled protectors of order but are far from being incorruptible paragons of virtue. Their trademarks are blue color and a variety of controlling abilities. Red Outlaws are their exact opposite. They steal opponent's score, intimidate his characters and are not afraid to gamble. The exotic green Xennos excel in one thing - winning for enormous amounts of points thanks to their parameters and straightforward playstyle. Gray Mercenaries are masters in score manipulation, they also possess many abilities that effectively complement other factions. The list of factions is closed by the mysterious yellow Unliving, skilled in destroying opponent's strategy by lowering the parameters and points of his characters.







Coraabia is not only about duelling. It is also a living multiverse with a myriad of planets and thousands more or less important characters. The storyline is present in every aspect of the game. Coraabians dive deeper in the intricacies of the multiverse by completing individual careers that are characteristic by their unexpected plot twists. New events and game content reflecting the current development of Coraabia regularly appears in the game as well. Once a war erupts on some world, Coraabians get the chance to play mutually exclusive activities that will decide the fate of the conflict. The same process applies to important social events like elections or referendums. The decisions of all Coraabians also have lasting impact on the game itself. Steering the history in real time is a feature that makes Coraabia stand out from the crowd of trading card games.


Coraabia offers a detailed RPG system which includes gradually revealing the secret backstory of each character, unlocking new player perks (so-called connections) and showing off one's player card, one's personal showcase, to the community. Coraabians can complete hundreds of quests, fight dangerous bosses or trade with other players on Bazaar. Strong story and specific atmosphere are assets which make Coraabia a one of a kind gem that boasts artworks from 450 artists from 70 countries of the world!