The esteemed CuCaanish xennologist Xed crashed with his research spacecraft Cuccar-1 while landing on the recently discovered world Kengu. According to information released by the news agency DengacC, seven beings were aboard the ship during the collision. The only survivor seems to be Xed's aide Ccord Bokh, who immediately sent a distress call from the surface of Kengu. Two new mutually exclusive activity series are here! Help saving Xed's research through the activity LOST XENNOLOGIST ! (career – Xenno) or ensure Ccord Bokh's safe evacuation through the activity ZEALOUS APPRENTICE I (career – Xenno).

For each completed difficulty level of the two event activities (chapters I and II) you gain the respective amount of „xennology“ points:
  • Difficulty C – 1 xennology point
  • Difficulty U – 2 xennology points
  • Difficulty R – 3 xennology points
  • Difficulty G – 4 xennology points

Are you ready to help scientists in need? Will you gamble on helping Xed fight for his life or will you take the safe route and support his treacherous assistant? Decide yourself!

The event has two parts. The first chapter starts today, the second one on August 31. The whole event ends on September 7 when the xennology points of both opposing camps will be tallied up.

Enjoy the new event!