The biggest all-Coraabian sports event is here!

The Coraabiad offers tempting rewards so visit your homeworld before the local traffic collapses from the unending streams of spectators! All event activities for the 335th Coraabiad will be available this week in the general career on Coraab.


  • DISPRINT (Monday 3rd August) – the crowning speed discipline of this Coraabiad
  • MONKUN (Tuesday 4th August) – a martial arts discipline demanding extreme coordination
  • CUMULENT (Wednesday 5th August) – a discipline that requires both keen eye and great agility
  • VATTING (Thursday 6th August) – a popular Unliving team sport
  • MANTHARR (Friday 7th September) – an extreme strongman running discipline
The opening ceremony of the all-Coraabian sporting event welcomed almost 8.5 million spectators in C'Ora. 26,933 Coraabians will compete in 169 disciplines. The investment into the 335th Coraabiad is the 17th highest in the history of the competition. While sub-media constantly critize the demise of Coraabian sports reeking with corruption, this year's games will see participation of the most athletes in the last two centuries.