Liganor Gamoa ordered a manhunt on chief representative of the separatist organization Bai'ala including the ex-ligan Tokara, their current leader. Ligan Teams 2, 3, 11, and 19 are now operating on Mogra Troi with assistance from the aerial commandos Mesota-Gar. The sudden and unexpected military operation has a single goal – to destroy this dangerous terrorist network for good. Two mutually exclusive temporary activities are here! Support the interests of Liga through the activity MOMENT OF JUSTICE ! (career – Guardian) or undermine their efforts to destroy Bai'ala through the activity DEATH TO LIGANS I (career – Outlaw).

Bung Lao used to be a hired galathug that shipped arms between Khalfass and CuCaan. When needed, he also carried confidential data or acted as a hitman for the opposing crime syndicates. Years of experience in the harsh Xenozone honed his natural skills which later ensured him a ticket to join the most prestigious security organization in Coraabia.

A new Collector is here – LAO (uncommon Guardian). The card is a reward for completing the activity MOMENT OF JUSTICE I (career – Guardian).

4278 Tu. A routine mission turned into a catastrophe for Team 11. Ligans were assaulted immediately on landing and the badly wounded Agu'Ab had to hide from the attackers in the surrounding jungle. Just as he was on a brink of physical meltdown, he was saved by a masked woman. Her name was Manna Tokara, a high-profile Ligan traitor. Agu'Ab fell hopelessly in love and the leader of Bai'ala turned him into her pawn.

A new Collector is here – AGU'AB (uncommon Outlaw). The card is a reward for completing the activity DEATH TO LIGANS I (career – Outlaw).

For each completed difficulty level of the event activities (chapters I and II), you earn a respective amount of „war“ points for the chosen faction:
  • Difficulty C – 1 war point
  • Difficulty U – 2 war points
  • Difficulty R – 3 war points
  • Difficulty G – 4 war points

Are you ready to support ligans in their struggle to crush Bai'ala led by ligan traitors or will you join the radical separatists and try to free their world from the thrall of Agan dictatorship? Choose yourself!

The event has 2 parts, the first chapter starts today, the second on 29 June. The whole event ends on 6 July, when the war points for both factions will be tallied up.

Enjoy the new event!