Bivouac, kiddo... Got some change?
One shard for an old fart?

Don't worry, I don't smell or steal, I always paid my taxes... You're new around, right?

By Tal! What brought you here? Work, sightseeing, xenohookers? Kche! One Haze and you're back at your mom's. Dunno what you learnt on the nets but I can tell a story or two about this place. Sit down and take a bite off this kleeman...

I live here my whole damn life and it's a grim and lonely world. By Iblort! Nothing should've ever grown on this heap of trash. You think I'm cool with all the flak they give us? We are Tal, kiddo! Miners! Everything you see was ours! We founded this place - the Circle City, C'Ora, kiddo! You're lost like a murot, right? Even the unlivs and tinheads have rights now. Spam is raining from the sky and there's always some xalien waiting to rip you off. You won't find a weirder bunch anywhere in Coraabia. Trust me, I was even to Bolga! It's even worse to win some bread among all this riff-raff... that's why "Xot makes you hot"!

Bored a bit? Just go, not like it would offend me. There's nothing that can ruffle my sac anymore. You know the sitch around here? I gotta tell, those Redds are some scary bastards. They've been chillin' in our system for centuries and the government didn't do squat about them. That armo Tiamar of theirs is one pretty smart rocht, he'll all teach us a lesson one day. And the worst thing? You can't even tell if this Reddan tinhead wannabe is worse than our dear intergalactic Hermes, a messed up xalien that massacres the Unliving just like his own lieutenants... He's been twisting us around his claws, an honest Miner can as well pack it in and move south to Min'Ora. The last czoft who is always on the job is the centropolitan governor Zula. They call him the Old Tal, ever heard of him?

Truth be told, I still love this place. By Iblort, it's my home even if it's a filthy dump! I dream of saving up a pile of Xot, catching the first magrav and wobbling to some feelgood place! Rest my old bones in a resort on Khoptid, it's for free if join that crazy tinhead religion they have there. To once again dive with my pals in methane fields on Traxol... those were the times. I earned some serious dough, kiddo! I knew a lot of big rochts and binged klujj in the fanciest bars. Now? I've got this tiny bivouac and a bunch of pills to soothe my pain.

You look scared... don't worry, I'm a just an old babbling Tal. You young ones live in a different world. Think of all the opportunities! Stringified worlds are now dime a dozen, the entire Coraabia is ripe for taking. Shards of Xot everywhere, just stretch your hand!

You should go now, they're looking for you. Thanks for those few trins, kiddo. May the circles turn in your favor!

unknown Tal
4278 Tu